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At Cedar House Montessori, we believe in a child's innate desire to learn.  From our tidy child-sized spaces to our beautiful wooden and handmade materials, our classroom is designed to facilitate their learning.  Not only do we teach language, math, science, and art, but we also guide children in practical life skills, such as pouring orange juice, zipping their jackets, and watering plants.

In a Montessori classroom, a large portion of the day is "work time" where children choose self-directed activities and receive lessons from the teacher independently or in small groups based on readiness.  Through observation, the teacher is able to cater to each child's individual needs and skills so they get the most out of the curriculum.  

Our mixed-age classroom allows the child to grow confidence as they learn the routine and expand their learning.  Older children become mentors to their younger friends and help to support our nurturing environment.

Daily Schedule

9:00 Arrival 

Circle Time

Work Time & Snack


Outside Time

1:00 End of the Day

We allow for flexibility in our schedule for extra outdoor exploration, extended work times, picnics, and special visitors.

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