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"I feel so fortunate that both of my kids had Merrill as a teacher. She had such a calm and loving presence and really supported their learning and development. Her care for them as individuals was palpable, and she embodied so much of what we loved about the Montessori approach, helping to facilitate their interests, explorations, independence and individuality. It says something that my kids are now 4th and 2nd graders who hold fond memories of the time Merrill was in their lives as preschoolers!"

- Sarah S.

"Merrill greatly influenced a shy, sometimes uncertain toddler into becoming a confident, joyful learner! As he skips-runs-hops down the sidewalk each school morning and bursts in, I am so grateful for Merrill and her wonderful program! Her hard work, dedication, and love of children is obvious to both the adults and children in the class."

- Theresa W.

“I know no greater testimonial for your school than that my child, an alumni student, wanted to come to school on her vacation to Seattle.”

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